Miguel is a software engineer and indie game developer currently based in the UK.
He occasionally blogs about software design, continuous integration and game development with Godot Engine.

New blog

Laziness can be a disease. Unfortunately my brain decided to just stop writing blog articles about stuff I do. This does not mean that I ever stopped. Oh hell no, I even did too much since I last blogged about my life. Things changed drastically in the last 12 months: moving to Central London to work fulltime, having two cats as well as enjoying life more than ever.

But let’s not talk about boring stuff for now, what can you guys expect on here?

Let’s sum up some things I want to talk about in the next weeks and months:

  • Java/Javascript/Groovy/’insert your favourite language here’ tips and tricks!
  • Working with AWS and CIs like Jenkins, TravisCI or Bamboo
  • Motivation, Work/Life Balance
  • gamedev!!!111 and pixelart
  • Gaming and Twitter drama

Sounds interesting? Let’s see what the future holds. See you!

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